Grabbed by the Ghoulies

Grabbed by the Ghoulies by Reverend Jesse Pritchard

One of my least favorite genres of horror is what I call ‘Critter Horror’. Ghoulies, Trolls, Critters, Munchies, and Hobgoblins. For some reason the 1980s didn’t stop putting this shit out. The Gremlins was probably the biggest hit aside from Child’s Play. A doll that looks like Oakland Raiders coach Jon Gruden (yes, I know the series predates his rise in the NFL) and is possessed by a serial killer…Ingenius…What I didn’t know was that the series was mistakenly credited to a real life child killer named James Bulger. The controversy didn’t stop the filmmakers from making money as they would go on to make SEVEN sequels….But please, no more killer dolls…

Overrated coach, overrated horror icon..both ugly as fuck.