Hot Horror Movie

Hot Horror Movie by Sundeep Patel

Anyone who enjoys watching hot horror films will agree that even within fans of the genre there are factions. There are people who enjoy the more graphic, bloody horror movies. Some are fans of Natural Horror that is movies where nature turns against human beings and throws out super-natural creatures and plants to kill and eat us. Some insist that the movie must have a rock solid plot, some are hot for hauntings, and yet others are suckers for “Based on a True Story”. Each fan club insists that their kind is the only kind that is worth watching, but producers and studios still continue to populate each sub-genre equally.

The scariest of all these sub-categories is, for obvious reasons, movies that feel real. Movies in which you cannot keep the filter of “It’s just a movie” on, and get totally immersed in the story. A lot of films have done justice to this genre.

I love hot horror movies. Most of the time, people who love horror movies, really love horror movies. So, when I’m picking out a movie, my sites are for the gore. For a disturbing hot story that will have me cringing from the torture scenes all the way until the hot girl gets away (or figures out how to kill the villain).

Horror is a great genre. It’s so predictable, but you just have to keep watching. While it’s easy to stereotype and give it a bad rap, there are some really good horror movies. Some may disagree, but us horror fans know it. Just look at movies like The Exorcist, Rosemary’s Baby, Halloween and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Everyone knows about these movies and loves to get scared by them.

But there is a group of movies that remain in the dark, mostly because that’s where they can scare you the most. They wait until you find them, hidden in the confines of the video store, somewhere in the dollar bin, or maybe even browsing the net for a movie you haven’t seen… or heard of. If you want to be disturbed, and I mean really disturbed, check out these five disturbing movies you’ve probably never heard of:

1. Calvair (French for “The Ordeal”, filmed in Belgiam)

2. High Tension (Another French horror film)

3. Audition (Japanese horror)

4. I Spit On Your Grave (70’s horror)

5. 2001 Maniacs

Be prepared to be utterly disturbed.

The Japanese and Koreans know horror like nobody else. Some of the creepiest horror movies in Hollywood are re-makes of films in those languages. Most fans of the genre would have at least heard of A Tale of Two Sisters (a Korean film from 2003) and definitely watched The Ring (the Japanese version or the Hollywood one). This film is about a video that leads to the death of all who watch it within a week of viewing it. While the actual film has not been shot realistically, the story is told convincingly enough to make you really iffy about watching the video.

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