Nude Vampire – Life Force

Nude Vampire by Reverend Jesse Pritchard

Tobe Hooper had an up and down career after Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Life Force was an interesting tour into science fiction as Hooper tried to combine sci fi with horror and if that didn’t work he had his main actress perform nude throughout the whole movie.

The movie was called “vampire porn” by critic Janet Maslin and the prudish Leonard Maltin said it was “ridiculous, but so bizarre, it’s fascinating.”

Tons of sci fi fan boys loved the flick, couching their love for the film with literary pretensions even though we all know they watched the whole thing with a 120-minute erection thanks to Matilda May.

French actresses just don’t give a shit…’Nude for the whole movie…I’m all over that, no problem! Oui, oui!”

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