Splatter Film – Herschel Gordon Lewis

Gruesome Twosome

by Bubba Simpkins

I’ve seen Herschel Gordon Lewis’ name bandied about in different magazines and obscure video websites but never actually saw one of his films. Apparently his trademarks were graphic gore scenes of scalpings, decapitations, disembowellings, and eyeball gougings along with abominable acting. Evidently in this “Gruesome Twosome” movie Lewis was able to score a product placement agreement with Kentucky Fried Chicken so he had some of his go-go dancing actresses frolic around the set waving legs of Colonel Sanders’ finest.

These movies are abominably bad and are only worth a peek if you are into looking at what indie horror filmmakers were up to back in the late 1960s. If Herschel Gordon Lewis was any indication, they were some sick fuckers, lol.

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