Erotic horror

Erotic horror, as a movie genre, suffers from a misconception by most people. When we talk about ‘erotic horror’, most people either think of low budget porn movies using a poorly executed horror back story to legitimize the overt sex scenes. Or they think of tongue-in-cheek, comedy horror movies such as ‘lesbian vampire killers’ that, although very funny and entertaining, relentlessly make fun of themselves and the genre as a whole.

When we talk about erotic horror, we are thinking of those movies that make you feel incredibly uncomfortable, yet at the same time, evoke something dark inside you that refuses to look away. These movies, if done well, offer a form of escapism, a way to confront your darkest fantasies and, maybe, discover some new ones.

A truly great erotic horror movie seamlessly combines the fear and danger of whatever threat is presented on screen, with the vulnerability and intimacy of sex and sexuality. The two subjects mixing like oil and water to create a turbulence of emotions that heighten the experience.  

This type of stuff goes way back. Waaaaay back.

Here are a couple of good examples of erotic horror movies to get you searching for more. I am not going to give you a complete synopsis – you can read that on the DVD sleeve or on whatever device you are streaming on. 

  • Bram Stoker’s Dracula[1992] – Probably the most widely known erotic horror movie. Vampires are the staple of erotic horror. There is something about vampires that definitely appeals to a vast audience. Just look at all the modern teen vampire programs and movies. You’d be hard pushed to find anything other than impossibly beautiful and sexy vampires seducing hapless mortals. Mix-in some genuine horror once the intimate scenes have lowered your guard and you’re in for an emotional roller-coaster ride.
  • Possession [1981] – At the other end of the scale. This film tackles the darker and more disturbing side of sexual fantasies. A bit more ‘on the fringe’, this film explores the urge some people have to want sex with something they probably shouldn’t. In this case a rather unattractive sex demon.

Erotic horror provides an arena to safely explore a world without inhibitions. It is not for everyone, but if, like many others, you find this movie genre attractive, dive in and enjoy.

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