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The Ghost of Randall Bowers is one of those projects
that has a special place in my heart. Why? Because it
is the last of my movies that my father was able to
see before he died. My Dad was always supportive of
my efforts and would often give his feedback after I
screened the latest offering. His reaction to this one
was to repeatedly ask "Who the hell is Randall

The short film centers around two self-styled ghost
hunters who turn their paranormal podcast into a
YouTube channel where they document the nightly
goings-on at their home...which is where serial killer
Randall Bowers killed his victims and later himself.
The entire thing is a ruse as the vloggers tell the
viewers about the different things that have gone in
the house...they talk about the 'paranormal games'
Randall plays with them as they disclose their
experience strange noises, cold air, and nasty
messages written in blood...It is all in fun until one
night the real ghost of Randall Bowers decides to
make a cameo in one of their paranormal shows.   

The movie was made at the height of all of
phenomenon surrounding the Paranormal Activity
movies. Making supernatural horror, however, is
something that I've begun to specialize in as it seems
to be what the audience wants, even more so than
the vampire movies if my Google analytics are any
On Youtube, some of the most popular ghost videos are those coming out of Indonesia. It
doesn't surprise me. I am Dutch-Indonesian on my Mom's side. She was born in Djarkata and
my grandfather spent the greater majority of his life in Indonesia.

I remember he told of a story wherein he saw a soldier sitting at the foot of his bed. The soldier
is sitting in a pool of blood, his head is in his hands and he looked to be in mourning. I can't
recall the exact details but my grandfather's house during this time was either used as former
POW camp or sat across the street from one. I remember him telling this story but having
another family member chime in with a story of his own. Now this unnamed family member was
sleeping in the basement when all of a sudden the door blasted open! He felt a presence in the
room. Then the dog came in and his hair was standing on end. He started barking than ran out
of the room. After hearing this story, my grandfather said "you were just drunk." His ghost
stories were real but the "supernatural experiences" of other family members were the product of
inebriated minds, haha...If he were alive today he would probably think that the ghost videos
coming out of Indonesia are bullshit. But I still remember him talking about his particular
encounter and how real it was to him.

There was another story where a relative of his in Indonesia had gotten hold of a military sword.
The myth in Indonesia is that the soul of the original owner remains with the sword. So this
family member put the sword in the closet, went to bed and then insisted that throughout the
night she heard banging and screaming and yelling going on inside the closet. I guess homebody
didn't want to be locked in... The next day, my distant relative got rid of the sword.

Now to the western mind, these stories are ridiculous. But in cultures like Indonesia, particularly
during the time period of my grandfather this kind of talk wasn't looked at with a raised eyebrow.
Indonesia is a country steeped in both Islamic and Catholic ceremonies. To his day, even highly
educated professionals in Indonesia like doctors or engineers will still wholly believe in "evil
spirits." My Mom remembers the Islamic funerals at night and described them as being "eerie",
the whole town would go dark and quiet and you would just hear an ominous drum in the
background. In Islamic tradition (in Indonesia, not sure if this applies elsewhere) when a person
dies they are wrapped in a white cloth. The cloth is tied in three spots, the neck, waist, and feet.
Before burial, these ties are undone so that the dead can meet their maker face to face.   If the
ties are not undone, the dead are destined to be hopping around the earth, trying to find God. I
think the myth-makers here had a sense of humor.

The most memorable myth I can remember, however, is the kuntilak (spelling?) or sundel bolong.
The legend is that this is a woman who has died while giving birth or was killed by someone when
she was pregnant, I forgot which. She will appear by the roadside to men only and is basically
described as the hottest chick you'll ever see. She  smells like roses and entices the man forward.
When she turns around, however, she will have a huge hole in her back which is filled with
maggots and snakes. How she seduces and kills the man after that is beyond me but that is how
the story goes.