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   “The Vampire Within” is a different take on the vampire genre. Rather
than have the vampire roam around and seduce its potential victims, the
vampire here instead coerces someone to bring more victims to her. The
idea here was to present the vampire as a different breed altogether, a
hybrid succubus/incubus with its own specific types of weaknesses.

   The story centers around Alice who tells everyone she meets about
Sarah, the vampire that gives her the marching orders to do all of these evil
things. No one in the troubled Alice's circle believes her and all of the social
workers assigned to her try to tell her that Sarah is a myth, a figment of her
own imagination. Frustrated, Alice soon allows all those who doubt her to
find out the truth for themselves...succubus  come in many names and this
one is called Sarah.

   “The Vampire Within” was shot on a Panasonic HVX200A with a Nikon
50mm lens.

WATCH "the vampire within"
The vampire depicted in The Vampire Within is probably more along the lines of a succubus or incubus.

But what the hell is a Succubus Vampire?
Popularly, succubi are known to have two main forms. These forms are succubi and incubi.

Form one: Succubus
   The first form is known as a Lilin-demon. That’s right, demon. When people hear “vampire”, they think of a being
surpassing typical human beauty that is damned to immortality. Or, perhaps, they are seen as beast-like or dead creatures
as depicted on popular TV series The Strain. However, that is not the case with a succubus. Lilin is defined as night spirits
who are hostile and attack men, according to Mesopotamian demonology. However, Jewish mythology defines them simply
as night spirits.
   How to summon a succubus?
   Mythology or beliefs that can be traced back to medieval legends define the Lilin-demon as a supernatural entity who is
able to appear in a person’s dream. The word succubus originates from the late 14th centenary era. It comes from the Late
Latin word succuba which one of its definitions means “to lie in bed”. Alternative meanings are “prostitute” and “to lie
beneath”. The word is also used to define a supernatural being too. These two definitions paired with the descriptions of
what Lilin means perfectly match what humans believe a succubus to be.
   Succubus True Stories
Regardless of the definitions, they all share the common belief that Lilin-demons take the form of a woman with the sole
purpose of seducing men with sexual activity. Pasts beliefs envisioned succubus as terrifying, demonic creatures. Which is a
little odd since the typical idea of what demonic entities may look like do not fit the depiction of something that looks
seductive. Demonic figures are usually horrifyingly ugly, so how could such creatures entice men throughout the ages if
that were the case? This question is the reason why more modern depictions view succubus as enchantresses and
   It wouldn’t be uncommon for you to see a depiction of a succubus having some form of a deformity to her body. Two
popular deformities portrayed are serpent tails and claws that are bird-like. Later folklore leans towards the visual
presentations of mythological creatures called Sirens, who were looked to be a combination of women and birds in
numerous ways. Whatever the picture may be, they were clearly not human!
Their seductive acts involved the trickery or hypnosis of having men perform and share sexual encounters with them.
Darker stories even suggest succubi engaged in sexual activity as the person slept or paralyzing them. They seem like
deceptive creatures who do not take no for an answer. However, not all folklore or legends see every succubus as a
devious being. For example, one folklore shares that Meridiana, a succubus, had relations with a man named Pope Sylvester
the second and helped him in successfully achieving his ranking in the Catholic Church. Intriguing for an entity that is said
to be demonic, huh?
   Medieval folklore described succubi as murderous creatures that killed their victims by drinking the victim’s breath. This
seems to be the introduction of how succubi and vampires closely relate today. A person’s breath was interpreted as the
person’s spirit. So it was perceived that if a succubus drank someone’s breath, they were stealing their soul. It is also
believed that succubi are a part of many demons. These demons are described to have a ranking order, deserving of
exaltation over the other. In this hierarchy, the succubus sits at the bottom; the very bottom. According to the levels of
demons, succubi are the lowest forms of demons.
   Stories like this open up the debate if succubi are just malevolent abominations or if they are a creature truly holding
individual uniqueness, free to choose their own actions instead of mindlessly following their dominant purpose. What do
you think? Are succubi intelligent enough to have a sense of free will or are they animalistic, merely functioning in the
instinct of their kind? The answer to this question is not definite as it is open to interpretation.
Form Two: Incubus
   The second form of a succubus vampire is the incubus. Basically, incubus is the male version of an incubus. However,
they are wicked a bit more according to some folklore as some beliefs share that incubi oppress a sleeping person and
cause nightmares. However, their questionable forms of seduction like using force or deceit are all the same.
The word incubus is also derived from Late Latin and translates to the meanings “a nightmare induced by a demon” and
“to lie up”. Sounds like a good fit since incubi are described to begin their deceptive behaviors by laying upon women as
they slept. There is a reason why succubi are able to take the form of a male and female, however, that will be discussed
later. Like the succubus, determining if an incubus is a slave to instinct or open to individualism all depends on your
individual perspective.
   Now that you have an idea of what a succubus vampire is, you may be wondering where they come from. Let’s take a

   Where Do Succubus Vampires Come From?
   Once understanding the different definitions and interpretations of succubus vampires, it is hard to not be intrigued to
want to know how these creatures came to be. Of course, there is no simple answer are there are quite a few origins.
   Mythological explanations of origin
   Arabian mythology tells stories of a spirit that can similarly relate to the succubus, called qarînah. Although not definite,
this spirit is believed to have originated in either animistic beliefs of pre-Islamic Arabia or ancient Egyptian religion. If you
don’t know, Animism is the oldest religion that believes everything is conscious and alive; including borderline demonic
rapist spirits.
   Yakshini is the name that India has for the succubus. They are mythical creatures found in the Jain, Buddhist, and
Hindu mythology. Like succubus vampires, these creatures have two forms. Yaksha is the male and its female
counterparts’ are Yakshinis. They are supposedly the little worker bees for the Hindu god of wealth, Kubera. Unlike the
previous descriptions of Lilian-demons, Yakshini are said to resemble fairies; overly sexualized fairies to be a little more
specific. Think of them like how anime women are commonly portrayed. They have huge breasts, big hips, tiny waists, and
voluptuous all the way around.
   English legends tell the story a little bit differently. Instead of only looking for sexual satisfaction, succubi would lure
men to their deaths! They would wait for their prey in graveyards and appear to be in distress or some form of
assistance. Unknowing men who went to help the false maiden would discover the trap and find it to be too late. Tales say
that if you see a woman who appears to need your help in a graveyard, you should call to her. The succubus has a
serpent’s tongue, only able to produce a hissing sound, and will not answer back. If you did not have another reason to
feel a little anxious when you walk by a cemetery, you do now. A hungry succubus may be lurking about. However, in this
legend the satanic creatures are called Lamia.
   However, English legends also have different interpretations. For instance, one is closely tied to Greek mythology.
Scandalously, Zeus had an affair with a young woman who bore two children from the adultery. When Hera found out,
she not turned the woman into a snake-like creature, commonly coined as Medusa, but she also cursed her to roam the
Earth in search of or two children and eating the children of others. The terrible part is that Hera killed both of her children.
Slavic mythology stepped back from the hell-raising or god-like perspective and followed a more ghostly persona. In this
version, the succubus is a ghost or water nymph living in a lake. She would seduce men who find their fate ending in her
arms. Her ghost came to be from being murdered by her lover somewhere near the lake which enabled her haunting. The
woman’s spirit cannot move on peacefully without her death being avenged.
Religious explanations of origin
   The first place to look within religion is the Zohar, the foundational work that is in the Kabbalah; known as the
literature of Jewish mystical thought. According to it, Adam, believed to be the first man, had a first wife name Lilith;
contrary to Eve. Apparently, Lilith was unfaithful to Adam by having a relationship with an archangel named Samael. This
influenced her to leave Adam and refuse to go back to the Garden of Eden. Her mating with the archangel is what formed
her into a succubus and deeming her the title of queen of demons. However, there is a twist in this story. Archangel
Samael was no model of faithfulness either and actually had relations with other women too, which caused there to be
four queens of the demons.
   Remember Lilith? She ditched Adam and gave herself to the archangel. There is a theory that she did this because she
did not like the missionary position of him being on top of her while they had sexual intercourse. In her mind, they were
equal and that should be displayed even in intimacy by lying side by side. Apparently, she mated with fallen angels, aside
from the archangel and had her own demon children. Her children were known as lilin and are responsible for weakening
and seducing men during the night.
   There are alternate versions of the story of Lilith. For example, Jewish mothers believed Lilith would steal their children
and eat them. Also, lilin are the daughters of her and Adam, not fallen angels. Lilin were believed to kidnap children like
   Scientific explanations of origin
   Of course, science takes our minds out of mythological or religious speculation. Instead, science theorizes a widely
believed phenomenon of reported alien abductions. For those of you who want to tone down the theory, you can think of
it as sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis is defined as a phenomenon where you are either awake or falling asleep and you
briefly experience paralysis. You are unable to react, move, or speak. It is that area where you are asleep but still
conscious, a transitional state. It is in this transitional state where you can hallucinate but be unable to react and feel
physical experiences; like a heavy weight on your chest. You may also feel as if something is lurking in your room or
outside your window. Really spooky!
   As usual, science has a different way of explaining sleep paralysis. Genetics and sleep deprivation are concluded to be
culprits for it but there also have been links to this like obstructive sleep apnea, anxiety disorders, narcolepsy, and
migraines. Another theory is the origins of succubus come from nocturnal emission. You would know it as wet dreams.
Around the development of the succubus folklore, sexual activities were sinful if it was done with the purpose of
procreation. It is believed that men had a hard time controlling biological functions and wanted to stay pure to societal
beliefs so the idea of succubi resulted from the dilemma.
   Witchcraft relation
   It is not unusual to see succubi associated with witchcraft. There was documentation of incubus on a woman’s bed in a
book called Discoverie of Witchcraft, dated to 1584. However, the author and other people chalk it up to imagination.
Claiming to see a succubus or incubus would automatically label you a witch back then. If you remember correctly, witches
were not taken too kindly too. There have been reports of being killed due to believing the individual had been involved
with such creatures and therefore had made them a witch.