Poche Pictures
e-mail: rich@pochepictures.com
       I was born in Oakland, California to Errol and
Irene Poché .  The last name is pronounced poe-
shay. My father was Louisiana French Creole, born
in New Orleans, Louisiana. My mother is Dutch-
Indonesian and was born in Bandung, Indonesia.
     I was raised in the city of Alameda where I
attended Encinal High School. My primary
extracurricular activity during the teen years was the
sport of boxing. I trained at Pittman's Gym in
Oakland while under the tutelage of Jimmy Simmons
who was a mentor to Virgil Hunter (trainer of Andre
Ward.) I sparred with the Bay Area notables of the
time period, Manny Hernandez and Eric “The
Prince” Martin.
      Filmmaking didn't enter my life until 2002. It was a serendipitous occurrence
as my younger brother was making skits for a public cable access show. I began
to assist then took over the helm on several projects. The majority of the early
movies we made weren't intended for the commercial marketplace but eventually
a company saw our work on-line and made an offer for distribution.
     Flash forward fifteen years later and I have nearly thirty films under my belt.
     My two biggest “hits” are both vampire movies. “Crimson” was featured at the
Fantaspoa Film Festival in 2007. During the first week of its release it ranked as
high as #2 on Tower Records DVD sales, topped only by John Cusack's “1408.”
The biggest financial hit remains “A Candle In The Dark”. This was released in
2002, arguably the height of the DVD market, where it sold over 11,000 copies.
     The market has changed dramatically since then and after many pivots and
shifts in strategies, the majority of my movies are now distributed exclusively here
on the website. What started as a hobby has now evolved into a library of films
with its own subscriber base.
     After being laid off from my day job, I began writing books and self-publishing
them on Amazon Kindle. My werewolf novel “Carnivores” attained best seller
status on Amazon as well as numerous other works that I've written under various
pseudonyms. These endeavors soon graduated into a full-fledged publishing
company where I now employ several full-time writers.
     Several movie projects are now in the works for 2017.
     “Evil Baby” - A disturbed teenager tries to run away from a haunted orphanage
     “Melon Head” - Three YouTubers make a documentary on the urban legend
     “Forgotten Fighters” - A documentary series looking back at forgotten