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CRIMSON (2007)

67 minutes of vampire mayhem. Four nursing students on their way back to their
sorority meet up with a hungry vampire cult. The film stars Stuart Brazell,
Elizabeth Di Prinzio, Erika Smith, Jade Tailor, Sarah MacKay, Jaimi Paige, and
Leesel Boulware. Written by Daniel Chant and directed by Richard Poche. For
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ZAP (2002)

The sorority of Zeta Alpha Pi (Zap) is a secret sorority of altruistic witches
operating out of San Francisco Bay College. After losing one of their members to
graduation, the sorority must choose a new pledge for their coven. For more info,
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AMPED (2004)

A detective is called in to investigate the mysterious death of a popular musician.
In what appears to be an open and shut case turns into something more sinister
as the detective discovers that each of the band members have something to hide.
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IN THE RED (2003)

Rod is rendered paralyzed in a botched robbery attempt. Cuckolded by his wife,
Rod finds himself being manipulated into
exacting violent revenge against his wife
and her lover by a smooth talking nurse. For more info,
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CORAZON (2006)

A documentary about the world of amateur boxing. Take a behind the scenes look
at Canadian amateur star Roberto Ortega, New York Golden Glove Champ
Kristian Vasquez and the Padilla brothers out of Las Vegas. For more info,
After being brutally dumped by his fiancee, Rufus (Richard Poche) sets out to get
back into the dating scene in a hurry. With the help of his hot platonic friend Beth
(Stuart Brazell), Rufus endures one dating misadventure after the next. First, there
is the teenage Stella (Elizabeth DiPrinzio) who obsesses about her "ovulation
phase" and "bad baby daddies." Then there is librarian Hannah (Jill Evyn Deutsch)
who keeps breaking into Rufus' house hoping to do "it" with him. Massage
therapist Glenda (Sara Konecky) wants to bond with Rufus' inner child while rich
business mogul Lorraine (Natalie Edwards) wants to add Rufus to her list of
corporate assets.

Can Beth rescue Rufus from being eaten alive in the dating jungle?

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