Blood On Satan’s Claw

Blood on Satan’s Claw is 17th century period piece about a group of young devotees of Satan. This is standard fore for the 1970s as the youths invoke the devil for fun but find a little more than they bargain for as the people in their small village begin turning into demons. Low budget stuff here and there isn’t too much attention to the detail of the 17th century as the teens are closing to being 1970s potheads then 17th century rubes. There is a bright spot here with Linda Hayden as the wild and crazy devil worshipping chick we all wished we knew in high school. At the time of release there was some controversy with a rape scene involving Hayden who was only seventeen years old at the time. The spoiler to her fun is the character actor Patrick Wymark. More slow burn horror here and only for die hard fans of British Horror in particular.