The 20 Hottest Female Vampires in Television and Movies

Throughout history, vampires have been a huge selling point for
audiences of various forms of media. We have come a long way since
Bram Stoker’s Dracula, though. There has been an evolution of the
archetype, allowing different types of vampires to exist and even quite
a few hotter ones to take the forefront. Some of the best vampire
movies have a seductively cruel vampire in the mix to trouble our
heroes, but even more have used the vampires as agents of good as
well. What follows are some of the hottest vampires in television and
movies today.

1. Hayley Marshall from The Originals

Hayley Marshall, played by Phoebe Tonkin, is an interesting case.
Unlike some others on the list, she is not simply a vampire, but what is
known as a hybrid. She was introduced in The Vampire Diaries as a
werewolf. In The Originals, she went on to become a hybrid after a
series of events that put her in contact with the blood of another
hybrid. This made her not only a werewolf, but a vampire as well.
She was born in New Orleans as Andrea Labonair. Born into one of
two ruling classes of werewolves, the Crescent Wolf Pack, she met
tragedy early on. Her parents were both killed by another werewolf.
However, she was rescued and taken to be raised by a human family.
The tragedy did not stop there, though. After her first transformation
and kill, the young Hayley unable to fully control her powers at that
young age, she was cast out from her family. From there, she had a
series of run-ins with other werewolves and vampires. Being as young
as she was, she was shown to be rather impulsive and brash at times.
She would often jump before she would think, overconfident in her
abilities. However, there was also a darker side to her, coming out as
she grew into her role. She proved herself to be quite the manipulator,
using whatever she could to advance her plans. Despite her family
being killed, she was able to return to New Orleans, taking over as
leader of the Crescent Wolf Pack, returning to her home. However, her
time during The Originals, she proves herself equally protective. Even
with her sometimes cruel methods, when she does hold something
precious, she stood with them, no matter the consequences. Her
morals are questionable, but her passion is there regardless. She
makes an interesting character with many sides that would come out
throughout the course of both shows.
What puts her on this list, though, is how strong she appears
throughout both shows. She comes off as a strong woman who will do
whatever she needs to in order to succeed. However, the more that we
see her, the more we are able to see her personality fleshed out. She is
a powerful woman who can go toe to toe with any of her male
counterparts, but she is also fiercely protective once she finds a reason
to be. This makes her one of the sexiest vampires on television as we
get to see the softer side of her, despite that rough exterior that she
puts on up until that point.

2. Jessica Hamby from True Blood

Portrayed by Deborah Ann Woll, Jessica Hamby from the True
Blood series also makes the list. She was turned at the age of 17 and
made the progeny, or offspring, of Bill Compton, the Vampire King of
Louisiana. With such a major player as the one who had turned her,
she became an integral part to the plot.
Having been born into a devout Christian family, Jessica had
always been held back from anything she wanted to do. She was
rarely allowed to go out for anything more than bible study and
clarinet practice. She was punished by her father for every slight fault
in her chores or work. This situation only made the changes more
pronounced when she was freed from them all as a vampire. Unlike
most in who would be turned against their will, she was not upset
with the turn of events. She reveled in the new freedom she was
given. She explored many feelings and experiences without the
restrictions her parents had placed on her. Under the tutelage of Bill
Compton, she grew as a vampire, but still attempted to maintain what
would have made her human. She enjoyed taking blood from humans.
However, her first feeding led to the death of the victim and, from
that point on, she tried harder to ensure that the humans she fed on
would remain uninjured.
That wild, almost naïve, abandonment that she first experienced
upon her turning is what could make her into one of the hottest
vampires on television. As she explores these feelings and
relationships, we watch her grow as a person and come into her own,
breaking the shackles that her parents had placed on her as a human.
Not only that, she proves herself to be a strong woman when faced
with her opposition. Being the progeny of the King of Louisiana has
its perks, after all. Despite her naivety, she does display a sense of
maturity as she both explores her new freedom and struggles to
maintain her humanity as a fledgling vampire. This is shown in several
instances where she cannot entirely control herself.

3. Marishka from Van Helsing

Marishka, from the 2004 Van Helsing film, was portrayed by Josie
Maran. She did not have a huge role during the movie, taking the part
of one of the four main antagonists. She was one of three brides to
the strongest vampire, Count Vladislaus Dracula. The other two were
her sisters, Aleera and Verona, and the three were equally powerful.
When Van Helsing arrives in town, set on fighting and killing Dracula,
the brides were sent to delay them.
She is first seen with her sisters and Dracula, attempting to stop
the death of Frankenstein’s monster in an attempt to acquire life for
their vampire offspring. After their failure, though, she is next seen
with her two sisters in their bat forms, flying to intercept Van Helsing
and his companion, Anna Valarious. The three each displayed a great
deal of power. All three have supernatural speed and strength. More
than that, they can not only turn into bats, but these hybrid
creatures with fangs and claws to better battle the monster hunter. It
is these forms that the three used to challenge Helsing and Anna.
While her two sisters were set upon the village itself, Marishka took
her fight to Van Helsing himself. Unfortunately, she does not hold an
entirely large role in this film. However, the fight with Helsing is
personal for her as the monster hunter was responsible for the death
of Frankenstein’s monster in the opening scenes.
Despite not having a huge part of the movie, she definitely makes
the list of one of the hottest vampires. Her powerful countenance
makes her another strong woman. She proves herself capable of
battling with strong foes, going against Van Helsing. Along with that,
her ferocious devotion to Dracula shows her loyalty, despite being
misguided in whom she gives that loyalty to.

4. Katherine Pierce/Elena Gilbert from The Vampire Diaries

Katherine Pierce, portrayed by Nina Dobrev, is another that makes
the list. She was the antagonist for a number of seasons, though she
didn’t come into the light until the second season. She has gone by
many different names over the course of the series. Born as Katerina
Petrov, she was a Petrov Doppleganger, a type of witch. However, at
the age of 17, she was cast out by her family for giving birth to a
daughter out of wedlock in the 1400’s. While living on her own, she
ran into brothers, Niklaus and Elijah Mikaelson. The two befriended
her, but had been using her for a ritual. Katerina  ruined their ritual by
tricking a vampire into feeding her blood, turning her into a vampire
as well. With her being a vampire, Katherine’s blood was worthless for
the ritual. However, this led into her being hunted for the next 500
years, leading up to the plot of this show.
From that point on, her identity changed. She changed her name
to Katherine Pierce and began her life as a vampire. She had an
eventful life on the run, but proved herself more than anything
resourceful. She was able to escape the wrath of Niklaus for five
centuries. Even during the show, she had shown the ability to avoid
death on numerous occasions, surviving several encounters with
supernatural enemies. At one point, she sent her spirit into the body
of Elena Gilbert, preserving her own life by taking over the body.
However, those survival instincts often had her tread the line of being
an antagonist rather than a protagonist.
Despite all that, the fierce will to survive and the ingenuity that
was required to survive made her one of the hottest vampires on

5. Jennifer from Suck

Jessica Pare played Jennifer in the rock-and-roll inspired film, Suck.
Jennifer is part of a band and is turned into a vampire by Queenie. After
she turns, their band takes an unexpected turn for the best as they find a
large amount of popularity through Jennifer’s newfound beauty after her
turn. From that point on, each band member is turned one after another
until the whole band is made up of vampires. Things are going well for their
band as such, but this also draws the attention of a vampire hunter, Eddie
Van Helsing. As he discovers the dark secret of that band, he vows to
hunt them down and kill them. Around this time, though, one of the band
members, Joey, becomes bored with the lifestyle the band is leading as
vampires. Convincing Jennifer that they should turn back, the two seek to
reverse the turning by targeting Queenie.
It was an interesting take on the vampire motif. Jennifer made one of
the hottest vampires in her use of the transformation. Her beauty was was
truly brought to the front when she transformed. That beauty was a big
draw in attracting their fans during the early stages of the movie. More
than that, she had a loyalty to the other band members. When Joey
wanted to become human, she was able to jump on board with the plan
again, despite the dangers that the plan entailed.
The attractiveness that draws in the viewer, though, is more than just
that. She is, indeed, one of the hottest vampires in looks, but the chaotic
atmosphere that surrounded her and the rest of the band only made that
more attractive. She only agreed to Joey’s plan due to her loyalty and
wishing to make him happy. During her time as a vampire, she reveled in it,
enjoying the chaos it caused. She always seemed to be bored with the life
of a normal human. The chaos she caused on top of the natural beauty
she displayed makes her one of the hottest vampires in films.

6. Queen Sophie-Anne Leclerq from True Blood

Sophie-Anne Leclerq was played by Evan Rachel Wood in the HBO
series, True Blood.  She was the Queen of Louisiana and wife to Russell
Edgington, one rumored to be the oldest and most powerful vampire. Her
husband is also the King of Mississippi. This gave her a large amount of
influence, making her a big time antagonist for a few season. Through it all,
she always held a regal air about her, fitting to a queen.
The queen was born as Judith in Northern France. She was rescued
from being sold by her neighbor for food, turned into  a vampire. However,
the rescue was not the blessing that it should have been. Her maker began
to sell her out as a prostitute, using her for many years. When her maker
was killed, she was able to escape that life, only taking one companion with
her. Andre-Paul another former prostitute, was turned and went on to
become her bodyguard for over two centuries. As far as the show goes,
she is first seen feeding on her lover, Hadley Hale. She is approached by
Bill Compton to tell her about how to kill a Maenad, a member of a raving
cult that worship Dionysus, the god of ritual madness and ecstasy. Sophie-
Anne knew how to kill them, but in her carefree way, she refused to tell
him at first. She made him wait for an entire day, lounging with her instead
of discussing the matter he originally came about. She did eventually tell
him, but it came at her own pace rather than simply offering what he
needed. She was also revealed to be ordering distribution of “V,” vampire
blood that could be highly addictive to humans. This was a surprising twist
as it was illegal within the vampire world.
She had a larger part in the next season, where her reasons for
peddling “V” were revealed. She needed money to maintain her way of
living. This was solved by the proposal of Russell Edgington, the
engagement allowing Russell to absolve her debts. Despite not wanting the
marriage, this would end up being beneficial to her. This was the start of
revealing her more calculating side amid the childish nature she seems to
exude at other times. She appears to seem aloof and moves at her own
pace, allowing things to happen as she wills it rather than when others
demand. However, she has the mind and willingness to sacrifice all she
holds dear for her ultimate ambition.
Sophie-Anne comes off as an airhead at times and, to some, that could
be seen as an attractive quality. However, what truly makes her one of the
hottest vampires is that regal demeanor she consistently maintains. She
always carries that air about her and has the single minded drive to acquire
what she wants.

7. Solina from Dracula 2000

Solina, played by Jennifer Esposito, was a secretary in the antique shop
owned by Matthew Van Helsing, a descendant of Abraham Van Helsing.
She does not play an entirely large role in the movie, but is one of the
antagonists. One night, she allowed her boyfriend, Marcus, and his gang
into the shop after hours so he and her could pilfer valuable from
Matthew’s shop. The gang stole a silver coffin and escaped, causing
Matthew and his apprentice, Simon, to give chase. While on route, though,
they managed to get the coffin open. Inside was the body of Dracule. As
he awoke, the vampire attacked the gang, causing the plane to crash. He
did, however, manage to turn Solina before this, making her into one of his
three brides.
Solina does not get all that much screen time, unfortunately, but she
can still make the list. She has a side to her that does bring out how hot
she can be. Even before being a vampire, she has a bad girl side to her as
she lets her boyfriend into the shop to help steal the ancient valuables
they could grab. However, she also comes off as rather tough, especially
after the transformation. She is powerful enough to go toe to toe with
Matthew Van Helsing, solidifying herself as a force to be reckoned with,
even among her male counterparts.

8. Selene from Underworld

Kate Beckensale plays the role of Selene in Underworld. Selene is a
vampire, turned after her parents were killed in 1383. Her father was
employed by the vampire elder, Viktor, to create a stronghold that would
imprison William Corvinus, a fierce werewolf. However, in order to keep this
a secret, Viktor murdered Selene’s family, only leaving the young girl alive.
Viktor lied to Selene, telling her that a pack of werewolves killed them. This
propelled her into accepting a role as a Death Dealer, training to be a
warrior capable of hunting down and killing werewolves. She trained this
way for over 600 years before the start of Underworld. She continues
serving the vampires, killing off werewolves at the command of her
superiors. Through a series of events, she meets Michael Corvin, a human
that the werewolves had a particular interest in.
Corvin would be tied to Selene for the rest of this movie, but he brings
out another side to the Death Dealer. She was a powerful force to begin
with, her entire life leading up to the movie seeming to mold her into one
of the most powerful warriors in existence. She proves time and time again
that she could go against any other force that threatens her. Being paired
with Corvin, though, the weaker human, it shows another side of her. She
is protective of him and defends him, doing whatever was required to
protect him. It’s a weakness that is rarely seen from her leading up to this,
but what that makes her appear more human than the hardened warrior
we see before his entrance.
The various sides of her all hold their own draw. The fierce warrior that
can go against any of her male counterparts and the protective woman
who would do anything to keep her loved ones alive each have their own
attractiveness. The clash of those two sides that is Selene’s character
makes her one of the hottest vampires, by far.

9. Alice Cullen from Twilight

Alice Cullen, portrayed by Ashley Greene, is one of the vampiric siblings of
Edward Cullen in the Twilight series. She was born as Mary Alice Brandon in 1901 to
a middle class family in Biloxi, Mississippi. She was born with the power of
premonitions, seeing scenes play out before they would actually do so. However,
people did not see this as a gift, but shunned her for cursing them when her
premonitions turned out to be true. This led to her eventually being locked away
from the world in an asylum. The girl only managed to escape when a vampire that
also worked at the asylum befriended her. After she had seen a premonition of a
tracker, known as James, the vampire turned her, helping her to escape and taking
James’ attention. Alice managed to escape, but only found her happiness when she
found her mate, seen in one of her premonitions, Jasper. The two joined together
and eventually joined the Cullen family before they were married formally.
She is a very optimistic girl, seeming very happy-go-lucky on the outside,
despite her tortured past. Alice often walks to her own beat, not always listening to
the advice given in favor of doing this her own way. Due to her power, things often
turn out more favorably that way. This is what makes Alice so attractive as the
vampire she is. Unlike many of the other choices that are vicious killers or
manipulative vixens, Alice genuinely wants to protect those she cares for and tries
her hardest to live her life in a way that will not harm others, despite what she is.

10. Megan from The Forsaken

Megan is played by Izabella Miko in the film, The Forsaken. In the movie, Megan is
found by Sean and Nick, having recently been bitten by a vampire that Nick is
hunting. Nick has been hunting the eight Forsaken, knight who made a deal with the
fallen angel Abaddon for eternal life. These newly formed vampires took full use of
their powers, spanning out from the world. The one Nick was hunting was currently
in the United States and, having been bitten by that vampire, sought to destroy him
before he would fully turn. Megan, likewise, had been bitten by this vampire. To
make matters worse, they are soon sought out by the vampires and attack, leading
to Sean being bitten as well. With all three bitten and slowly being turned into a full
vampire, they set out to find Kit, seeking to kill him and thus eliminate that
particular strain of vampirism.
Unfortunately, Megan is not brought to the forefront quite as much as Sean and
Nick are. Unlike many of the other options on this list, she does not stand out as
someone who can clash with the other evils of the world. She was bitten by Kit
during a massacre he had enacted in Arizona. One of his underlings, a vampire that
had been killed by Nick earlier in the film, had been meant to finish her off. For some
reason, she hadn’t. However, Megan herself does not stand out very much as
another fighter, not in the same way that Sean or Nick do.
In itself, though, that also brings out her attractiveness. She is a damsel in
distress, for the most part. She has a hot body, but she is consistently being
protected by her male counterparts. In that way, she still comes off as hot, relying
on them to protect her from the powerful vampires that hound them. Even with that
persona, though, she does hold some form of determination in her for the fact that
she had even survived the Arizona bloodbath that Kit had enacted.

11. Carmilla from The Vampire Lovers

From the 1970 film, The Vampire Lovers, another hot vampire can be found.
Played by Ingrid Pitt, Carmilla takes one of the leading roles in this film. Originally
known as Marcilla, she is left in the care of General von Spielsdorf in the country of
Styria. While there, she befriends the general’s daughter, Laura. That is short lived
as she passes away from a gradual illness after dreams of being haunted by dreams
of an attack. With her gone, Marcilla departs, changing her name to Carmilla as she
finds refuge in the residence of Mr. Morton. Carmilla befriends his daughter, Emma,
but the girl soons begin suffering from a similar trauma as Laura had before. She
has dreams of a wound through her chest, finding marks there in the following
mornings. This is around the time that people begin to suspect Carmilla of the
crime, linking her arrival to these dreams. However, she also finds an ally in Emma’s
governess, Madame Perrodot, as the story unfolds.
Carmilla is a mysterious figure throughout the series and, honestly, that’s part
of the attraction to her. She is a mystery from the start when she is dropped off
with General von Spielsdorf. However, you can quickly gather what she is as,
conveniently, tragedy seems to follow the girl’s path. The story has her starting as
an innocent charge, but slowly reveals what she truly is, starting with the events
involving Laura. Unfortunately for those in the world, no one seems to pick up on
the danger surrounding her until Emma suffers the same events. The other
selections here often have some dark attraction surrounding them, whether it be
their tough attitude or their sadistic pleasure. Carmilla, however, is one of very few
that attracts by the sheer mystery surrounding her for the better half of the film.

12. Santanico Pandemonium from From Dusk Til Dawn

Santanico Pandemonium, portrayed by Selma Hayek, is one of the hottest
vampires purely on her looks, let alone her personality. The owner, and queen, of a
vampire run brothel in Mexico, Santanico is seen throughout the two of the three
From Dusk Til Dawn movies. In the first one, she is seen as the owner of the brothel
when the Geckos arrive to await their contact. She puts on a sensual show, truly
showing off her figure. As one who would seduce others into becoming part of her
coven of vampire slaves, her demeanor leaves very little to the imagination.
However, that all changes when driven by blood lust, allowing her cravings to take
over. She turns into the horrible creature she truly is, feasting on any human she
can get her hands on.
She is, unfortunately, let go in the second move, replaced by Lupe. However, in
the third, you get a better understanding of her character. Known as Esmerelda
during these times, she takes a larger role, offering history to her character and
showing how she ended up the way she had. It shows a softer side of her. She
appears as a confused girl, unsure of her heritage and constantly targeted for death
by the hangman of her town. Her journey takes her through many twists and turns
until she discovers her heritage, which would lead to her becoming Santanico
Pandemonium. She embraces her heritage as a vampire fully and becomes the sexy
seductress that we know from the first movie.
What has her make this list is the way she uses that human form, though. She
sensually seduces her patrons, allowing her to recruit her vampire slaves. The show
she puts on and her usual way of dressing, simply opting for a black or red bra and
underwear combo for her entire part of the movie, moves her up very quickly. At a
purely carnal level, she might even be the hottest on the list.

13. Mae from Near Dark

Mae is another of the more gentle vampires on the list. From the movie Near
Dark, Jenny Wright plays this drifter that meets the protagonist, Caleb Colton.
Without warning, she bites him and flees into the night, but the bite proves to be
more than Caleb thought as time passes. The sunlight burns him and prevents him
from going out during the day. However, this is when Mae makes her reappearance,
showing up with her group of vampires. He is picked up, but immediately threatened
by the group of vampires. After Mae reveals that he has already been turned,
though, the leader grudgingly allows him to stay. Unlike the other vampires, Caleb
does not want to kill for the sake of feeding. Also unlike the other vampires, Mae is
more willing to help him get away without killing, in order to better earn her group’s
trust. For her newly turned companion, she commits to the kills and then allows him
to drink from her slit wrists. In this way, he is able to feed without actually killing
anyone. In this way, she shows a small amount of humanity. Even if she does not
mind killing in order to feed, she is willing to meet Caleb halfway so that he does not
need to kill. Over a span of time, she tries to help Caleb acclimate to his new life with
her group and Caleb manages to gain their trust in helping the group out as well.
However, Mae still shows her loyalty to the group she’s been with. After Caleb
escapes from them with his family, she manages to track him down and distract him,
allowing her group to kidnap his sister. In the end, though, it is clear her heart is
not in it and she ends up helping Caleb in his attempt to rescue her.
Mae is a complicated character as two sides are seen from her almost constantly.
She is the vampire that will kill in order to feed and join her group in seemingly
random acts of terror. However, she is also the kind drifter that is trying to help the
fledgling vampire to acclimate to his new situation. She does have that same
uncaring edge that most vampires seem to have, but she is also much kinder than a
lot of the vampires are. She can do what is necessary and proves that as she helps
Caleb fight for his sister or, even before that, when she joins her group in their
violence. However, she still has a softer side to her that wants to help the one she
chose to bring into this life become comfortable. The complicated nature of her
personality helps to boost her to one of the hottest vampires.

14. Sarah Shagal from Fearless Vampire Killers

Sarah Shagal, from Fearless Vampire Killers, is portrayed by Sharon Tate. Sarah is
first seen in inn that the two vampire hunters, Alfred and Abronsius, stay at. The story
takes place within Transylvania, near to where a vampire lord, Count von Krolock, lives.
The story unfolds with Sarah being taken captive by the count. Her father attempts to
pursue, but is quickly captured and turned, adding to Count von Krolock’s group of
vampires. This leads to only Alfred and Abronsius to pursue the taken girl. They are
met with much opposition, the castle guarded by several of the count’s servants, but
they next meet Sarah Shagal within these halls. Alfred and Abronsius become
separated as they search. Alfred is the one to stumble upon her, just in the midst of
taking a bath. The situation is hard to ignore, but Sarah does not seem worried over
her predicament in the least. On the contrary, she insists on staying due to a ball being
held within the castle walls that very night. Alfred still tries to convince her to flee with
him, but as he turns away, she vanishes into thin air. Missing again, he returns to
seeking out his fellow vampire hunter, intent on slaying the vampires that are holding
sway over the young woman.
Once again, the damsel in distress is shrouded in mystery with this entry. She is
nothing more than the innkeeper’s daughter, overprotected from birth by her father.
However, abandoned by her father, the newly changed vampire, she is left to the mercy
of Count von Krolock. Despite the dire situation she finds herself in, she is not worried
in the least. She is even comfortable enough to undress and bathe within the walls of
her captors, insisting on remaining for the ball that is to be held. The mystery is
enticing, but the scenes that she is seen in are what bring her into this list. A damsel in
distress she may be, but her calm countenance hints at a darker secret just beneath
the surface. What more, the film truly leaves little to the imagination, offering a
generous view of her within her “prison.”

15. Rayne from Bloodrayne

Kristanna Loken takes the role of Rayne in the video game inspired film Bloodrayne.
Rayne is the center of the movie, a being known as a Dhampir. This means that she
was born of both human and vampire blood, offering her certain benefits against her
vampiric brethren. She does not get affected by crucifixes and does not thirst for
human blood. She was the daughter to the king of vampires, King Kagan, conceived
when the vampire king raped her mother. At the start, though, Rayne is held captive
within a carnival, put on display for the enjoyment of others. However, she manages to
escape and is quick to rescue a family in need from a group of vampires. For her
efforts, she learns more about Kagan’s position in the vampire world. He has become
the strongest vampire in the land and seeks a magical talisman. In order to seek an
audience with him, Rayne sets out to retrieve this talisman herself. She finds the
monastery that houses the talisman easily and rests for the night, only leaving to
sneak away to where the talisman is held. She bypasses the monk guarding it, but it
assaulted by the traps, the room filling with holy water to protect the treasure. Even as
a Dhampir, Rayne would still be killed if she fell into the holy water. However, this
changes as she manages to get the eye from the box. It is absorbed into her and she
falls into the holy water, remaining unharmed. It is explained by another monk that this
talisman was one of three pieces to an ancient vampire known as Belial. The eye
protects from holy water, the rib protects from crosses, and the heart protects from
sunlight. Kagan seeks all three in order to allow the vampires to finally eradicate the
humans of the land. Rayne makes it her mission to put a stop to this.
Rayne is once again a strong female character, truly brought to the forefront in
how she approaches each situation. She proves herself capable of holding her own
against other vampires, as seen in one of her first scenes. Her demeanor is rather
tough throughout the series, but that only adds to that hot, tough girl attitude that
she possesses. It does not hurt that the character herself is based on a rather
provocative character, but what really sells her as the hot vampire is that tough as
nails demeanor.

16. Miriam from Vampyres

Miriam is one of the two female vampires in Vampyres, portrayed by Anulka
Dziubinska. She is first seen with her cohort, Fran. The two are making love, starting
off the display of what makes these two so hot. This is short lived as someone comes
barging into their room, shooting both in the chest and seemingly killing the two. Of
course, that is not where their story ends. The two take residence along the English
countryside, making a hobby of seducing and eloping with others passing by. This is
one of the things that really draws viewers in to seeing Miriam as one of the hottest
vampires. They are seen in many scenes from that point on, seducing and sleeping
with the various guys that would float through the countryside.
Unfortunately, not a whole lot is seen of the two other than this. However, the way
they are portrayed offers little to the imagination. They are seductive and attractive,
allowing the imagination run wild with ideas for them. This easily puts them on the list
as one of the hottest vampires.

17. Lillie Langtry from Kindred The Embraced

Stacy Haiduk portrayed Lillie Langtry in the series Kindred The Embraced. This
series was based loosely on the video game, Vampire the Masquerade. The woman in
question was originally born as Emilie Charlotte Le Breton in 1853. She married Edward
Langtry when she was 21 and the two moved away to England. There was where she
took on the name Lillie Langtry as she took the stage. This did not last, though her
name would remain. She moved back to the United States, taking refuge in San
Francisco. There, she renounced her British allegiants and was accepted into the
Toreador clan. She spent years here with her new partner, Freddie Gebhard. They
invested money into a ranch to raise race horses. After her fling with Freddie, she
became involved with a member of the Ventru clan, Julian Luna. The two had a few
flings, but they did eventually break things off. Lillie ended up selling her ranch, but she
has been reported as having passed away and been buried in Monte Carlo.
She is a rather charming individual, but what really sells her as one of the hottest
vampires is how she presents herself. She holds herself as a true lady, reminiscent of
one of the vampire queens. Though, she is not as dark as a lot of those other
characters were. She has that charming side to her, but she is rather reserved, an
unusual characteristic for most of these vampires. She tries to present herself in a way
that gives her class. She presents herself in a sophisticated manner and that allows her
to manipulate others to get what she wants. Her skill in manipulating others along with
the way she presents herself as a very attractive women for the male audience. She
does not have the same physical hotness as a lot of these vampires, but she presents
herself in a very attractive manner, like a true lady of royalty.

18. Regine Dandrige from Fright Night 2

Regine Dandrige, portrayed by Julie Carmen, in the sequel, Fright Night 2. She is
the brother of the antagonist in the first film, Jerry Dandrige. Despite her young and
beautiful looks, she is actually a 1,000 year old vampire, seeking revenge on Charley for
the death of her brother. She meets Charley early on, trying to sway him with her hot
looks. This causes Charley to begin having seductive dreams regarding Regine. This
freaks him out and he begins to talk to his therapist about this, but it is written off as
normal thoughts for a teenage boy meeting a mature and attractive woman. He had
forgotten about vampires as a whole, not believing in them after speaking with his
therapist for a while so it never even crossed his mind, not even when his friend, Peter
Vincent, realized Regine was one of them. Regine is seen next visiting Charley after he
blows off a date with his girlfriend. This time, Charley is bitten by Regine and turned
into a half-vampire. Meanwhile, Regine has been ordering a gang of her vampires to
follow Charley’s friends.
Regine continued her torment of Charley and his friends, taking Peter’s job as
Fright Night’s host. When Peter attempts to assault her, he is caught on camera and
sent to the state hospital. While this is going on, one of Regine’s lackeys, Louie, stalks
Charley and his girlfriend, Alex. When he gets injured, the two take the blame and are
arrested by campus police. Alex is bailed out by Charley’s therapist, but Charley gets
bailed out by Regine, falling once again into her clutches.
Regine is one of the hottest vampires due to her role in this whole movie. Taking
the role of the vengeful sister, out to ruin the life of the kids that killed her brother,
she pulls out all the stops in trying to get her revenge. However, despite her single-
minded determination to do so, that is not what puts her on this list. The way she
carries herself and seduces the main character helps to build the viewers’ fantasies.
She is a sexy woman, willing to put herself out there and use that hotness to get what
she needs. In this case, it is to gain Charley’s trust. That strategy and the use of it is
what puts her here as one of the hottest vampires.

19. Space Girl from Lifeforce

The female vampire from Lifeforce is played by Matilda May. She never has a true
name in this unusual take on the vampires, simply known as the female alien, or
vampire.  The story starts with the bodies of her and two males on an abandoned
spaceship found near to Hailley’s Comet. Within the ship, there are also dozens of
shriveled up bodies of bat-like creatures, but these three are the only intact humanoids
found. It is discovered fairly early on that these aliens are not just that. As the female
alien awakens, she immediately drains the life force of one of the medical staff before
proceeding with the rest of the crew. Her and the two other vampires make short work
of the crew, being able to drain them and then shapeshift into them at will. One
escapes, but it is only a short reprieve as it is discovered that the female vampire has a
psychic link to the survivor. All three manage to make it to Earth and begin their act of
terror, posing as the various people they had drained. They begin an outbreak across
London, turning the populace into zombies that would seek out other humans to drain.
This one is an unusual take on the vampire myth, but it is a welcome breath of
fresh air. The female vampire is easily one of the hottest, again, due to the mystery
surrounding her and plans she enacts in order to achieve her own plans. She
effortlessly leads her two brethren in taking down the shuttle’s crew and then even
makes it to Earth. However, there is still a mystery to her as she is an unknown being
that is simply found in another shuttle. That mystery is alluring, but only supported
with the way Matilda May presents herself. She walks around naked for half the film as
she commits these acts against humanity, leaving very little to the imagination. These
are very good reasons for her to be included as one of the hottest vampires.

20. Lilith from Bordello of Blood

Lilith, portrayed by Angie Everhart, is from Bordello of Blood. She is the Mother of
All Vampires, brought back to life when Vincent replaces her heart into her shriveled
corpse. Her first act is to kill two members of the search party in search of Vincent.
Vincent, using an artifact to control Lilith, commands her to kill the last one, beginning
their reign of terror. She is next seen in a secret brothel that the main character, Caleb
Verdoux, is searching for with his friend. When the two arrive, she meets with his
friend, making quick work of seducing him. Using her impossibly long tongue, she
kisses him and lets her tongue roll down his throat, shoving his heart out of his chest.
With him out of the way, she sets her sights on Caleb, turning him into a vampire
quickly. This leads to the attention of Rafe Guttman, a private detective hired to find
Caleb by the newly turned vampire’s sister, Catherine. With her sights set on Rafe, she
meets with him, returning his wallet that she found and attempts to seduce him. Unlike
the previous attempt, though, she fails and he resists her charms. Unfortunately for
Rafe, Catherine arrives and gets the wrong idea about the two, storming out of the
office as a result.
It turns out that Lilith is actually working with Reverend Jimmy Current around this
time. Vincent had revived her so that she could lure sinners to her brothel and kill
them. After being confronted by Catherine, though, she decides to corner the
reverend, assaulting him. Vincent, in a moment of hesitation, refuses Current’s request
for the artifact to control Lilith. Instead, he destroys it, granting the vampire her
freedom. This allows her to start with her own plans, beginning with Caleb kidnapping
his sister and taking her hostage.
Lilith is another amazing choice for a vampire in movies. Her mannerisms and
seductive approach allows the fantasies to run rampant. She is cold, true to the
sadistic glee she gets out of targeting and killing humans. The gruesome way she takes
them out shows her sadism as she targets some of the humans. Still, she has a hot
body and is not afraid to use that to get what she wants. That is what puts her on the
list. Her seduction of the various characters throughout the film makes her an easy
choice for one of the hottest vampires.