Judith Myers Halloween – A look back at the actress who played the sister of Michael Myers

Sandy Johnson was born in San Antonio in 1954 and at the age of nineteen she posed for Playboy Magazine, becoming Playboy’s Playmate of the Month for the June 1974 issue. She was photographed by Mario Casilli. A cropped version of her centerfold would be used as a graphic for a Burton Love 52 snowboard in 2008. 

Nearly four years after posing for Playboy, Sandy would get some notoriety playing the sister of Michael Myers in the original Halloween film of 1978. In an interview with Dread Central, she describes her time working with John Carpenter. 

I remember John was a good director — he was friendly and pretty clear on what he wanted. I was comfortable with him. He did provide some input as far as what he wanted in the downstairs scene with the boyfriend and the trip upstairs — what he wanted me doing and how he wanted that scene to go, with me turning and the surprise at my brother being there. He was definitely very descriptive with what he wanted.

Her career in the acting industry would be rather brief..She would make an appearance in the exploitation flick Gas Pump Girls and H.O.T.S. 

“I had lost both of my parents, and I was still young — which was very hard on me.” Sandy Johnson explained to Dread Central as to why she left Hollywood. “I was close with them both. I did get married in Los Angeles, and I moved to Oregon in hopes of finding happiness. Unfortunately, I didn’t find it and was divorced after only a couple of years. I had family in Texas, so I decided to move back.

After that, I did get remarried to a man that had two boys. I went to college and earned a Ph.D. — I worked as a full-time private teacher for children with learning differences — I wrote and taught environmental education, Master’s level courses, for university. And my husband and I used to like to travel with students — so we traveled both domestic and abroad with students. I finally did find happiness when I got remarried and started working with children.”

Again, she only appeared in five movies but in the end her iconic first scene in Halloween cemented her legacy. She’ll forever be known as the curvaceous young beauty whose scream of “Michael!” launched one of the biggest franchises in horror movie history.

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