Kill Me Again – John Dahl

Kill Me Again is worthy of a look as the director has been one of my own influences…He made THE LAST SEDUCTION and one of my favorite noirs of all time RED ROCK WEST. Both of these flicks are underrated as well as Kill Me Again.

That classic Femme Fatale pose

This flick stars Val Kilmer as a low rent private detective that owes money to the mob. Starring opposite him is his real life wife, Joanne Whalley Kilmer…She’s the femme fatale that has somehow robbed the mobsters and wants him to fake her murder so her psycho ex-husband (the always menacing Michael Madsen) will finally go away.

Whattaya say we not make this plot too convoluted?

For some reason, the studios were indifferent about this flick and didn’t give it the push it deserved. Its worth checking out.

Meanwhile, check out our own neo noir below: