Lady Terminator – Barbara Ann Constable

This is one of those movies where you look at the plot and say to yourself ‘what in the hell?’

But give it a shot…It is a cross-pollination of the Terminator and a supernatural revenge story. It is also known as “The Nasty Hunter.”

In 1889, in a castle on a South Seas island, a female wizard with sexy servants has raucous sex surrounded by fog and candles but evidently there isn’t a stud on the island as she complains ‘Is there any man who can satisfy me?!” Her 100th husband tricks her by pulling a snake from between her legs (evidently, this is where her magic lies). The snake becomes a knife, the screen pulses with light, and she walks into the sea vowing revenge on his granddaughter. Tanya, an anthropologist (Barbara Ann Constable) goes scuba-diving near the island one hundred years later while researching the legendary queen. A tidal wave appears, and suddenly she’s tied spread-eagle to a bed while an animated snake enters her. She emerges from the ocean naked near a city (Terminator, anyone?) and confronts a group of drunken guys belching, farting and peeing in the wind. They each die, blood spurting in their faces, while having sex with her…From there, it only gets stranger…

Barbara Ann Constable as Lady Terminator

There is one interview online with Barbara Ann Constable.

“The nudity didn’t phase me at all,” Constable said in an interview with damnthatojeda. “Being a professional dancer at the time, I was very comfortable with my body in general, and as a woman I have always been very comfortable with my sexuality.  I appeared in Australian Penthouse as ‘November Pet of the Month’ when I was 19 – four years before I made Lady Terminator.  I was in great shape physically at the time, so the nudity wasn’t a problem at all.”

“However, the bondage scene where the snake goes up my vagina, I wasn’t happy about at all.  To be honest, I was mortified when I first saw it.  That bondage scene was one they required me to do in my bikini – it didn’t make sense to me, but the film was weird as hell anyway, so I didn’t think much of it.  Also there wasn’t a damn lot of continuity in the film anyway.  I only saw that scene as it is in the movie, about two years after I made the film when Ram Soyara Films sent me a copy of the movie on VHS Beta. The Director never told me that they were going to put that in later as an effect – so I was pretty annoyed about it actually.”

The film was never intended to be released outside of the Indonesia market as it blatantly rips off the real Terminator in a lot of scenes. The subject matter is also a head scratcher as Indonesian culture is very conservative (I’m half Dutch-Indonesian) and this flick is well…over the top with blood and nudity.

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