Nestor makes his living smuggling illegals across the border into the United States. After experiencing too many close calls, Nestor declares his intention to make one last final trip across the border after which he will settle into a life in California…His final trip is an arduous one which culminates in his group being attacked by members of the drug cartel. They survive thanks to a heroic intervention by a mysterious young drifter named Hernan…Hernan reveals himself as a simple man who lacks basic life skills. An orphan from birth, he was taken in by a grandmother who since passed away, leaving Hernan to fend for himself…He is not without a talent, however. Nestor sees Hernan’s ability to shoot guns with deadly accuracy as a marketable commodity…Nestor takes him under his wing as they settle in the drug infested city of Oakland. The two begin earning a living as hit men, Nestor organizes the hits while Hernan performs the killings…They earn a substantial living until one assignment goes awry. A beautiful young woman is caught in the crossfire as the duo take out a prominent politician…Now on the run from law enforcement, their promise of a better life soon descends into fear, loneliness and pain in this character study of male alienation.

Martin, a lonely man quickly approaching middle age, decides to take a trip to the Philippine Islands to meet Mariana, a young woman he met through an Internet dating service…Once there, he finds himself in a backwoods village that resembles a ghost town. Only a handful of residents remain present, the rest have fled out of fear of an ancient legend called the aswang, a vampire/witch hybrid creature that has haunted the town for decades…Scoffing at the primitive ghost stories, Martin falls for the charms of the lovely Mariana. He soon finds out, however, that third world superstitions can lead to some dark places that are very real and dangerous.

It is the summer before college for five teens as they head into the mountains for a camping trip. Little do they know that the isolated forest is now home to a machete wielding serial killer called the Bunny Man, who begins hunting them down one by one in this homage to 1980s slasher films.

A fire-breathing preacher and a pair of police officers all have something grisly in common; they’re the latest victims in a series of bizarre ritualistic murders…The police think that the killings are the work of the local street gang, The Lobos, who pattern their organization as if they are a real wolf pack…But a down on his luck teacher suspects that the killings may be the work of the Reuzenwolf, a species of werewolves that his grandfather used to talk about in his homeland of Holland…With panic growing in the streets from the continued attacks, Hank’s claims of real life werewolves fall on deaf ears with the authorities, and he soon finds himself alone in a fight against an advancing horde of lycanthropes.

Bunny and Cody are a pair of escorts entertaining two low-rent dope dealers in a seedy motel. When one of the dealers attacks Cody, Bunny takes the law into her own hands and shoots the men dead…Stealing the drug dealer’s stash of cocaine and money, the women carjack a housekeeper at the motel. But this is no ordinary maid, however, as she mysteriously knows details about the prostitutes’ lives…Meanwhile, Paul is an emotionally scarred deputy who catches the case. His pursuit takes a dark turn as his own demons come back to haunt him in the form of a stripper who has information on the whereabouts of the women…With the deputy in hot pursuit, the threesome go on the run. The housekeeper tries to talk the two women into giving their lives over to God. But Bunny thinks they finally have enough money to get out of the life. …Until Cody reveals that one of the men had bitten her…And now she thinks she is becoming a vampire…Before the night is over, the women realize that there are no easy getaways.

Princess Carella reads this prophecy in the book of Arcanscape and knows that the vampire witch they call the Dark Queen will stop at nothing to make it come true. Carella travels with a group of missionaries across the land to offer her gift of healing and recruit other elven tribes to help join the war against the Dark Queen.

When Carella and her missionary group go missing, an old barbarian named Kelroar is hired by the village cleric Ricmorn to find them. But the Dark Queen has her own barbarian in the form of Tholan the Feared. Using dark sorcery to make him stronger and quicker, Tholan readies to take the mantle from Kelroar as the fiercest fighter in the land.

Marshaling her forces of Killtooths, a breed of vampire elves, the Dark Queen begins her siege on Carella’s village as the two sorceresses meet head on in a collision between darkness and the light.