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      “Money, Vampires & Weed” centers around three young women
who are all dressed up with nowhere to go because of their bleak
financial circumstances. Kirsten is an office clerk, Heather lived off her
trust fund until her parents cut her off while the pot-smoking Jade
feels morally superior to both of them because she works at a pet
shop. But their financial stresses are quickly forgotten when they are
carjacked by Vivian, a gun-toting woman who walks and talks as if
she has just stepped out of a 1950s film noir. Vivian tells the girls
that she is on the run from a vampire and forces them to help her
escape..The girls don't believe her crazy story until they see Vivian's
“bag of loot”...a suitcase full of money that would cure all of their
financial woes. Greed soon rears its ugly head as the three young
women seek control of the money while not allowing a crazed woman
with a gun, a vampire or even their best friend come in the way
between them and riches.
    “Money, Vampires & Weed” was shot on a Panasonic HVX200 with
a Nikon 50mm lens.