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This short was originally made for the DVX User Drama contest. This short ran over the 6 minute
limit for the contest so again, I didn't enter. Another rule was that one of the characters had to be
named Eric or Erika. I went with both.

This was another project wherein I went through two casting changes and the end result is a bit
different than what I had previously envisioned. I am a huge fan of film noir and there are some
noirish elements in Mouse Trap. Perhaps it was a good primer for a future noir masterpiece ;)

Eric (Cliff Poche) is about to be married to a "daddy's girl" named Linda (Regina Fletcher). He feels the
noose tightening around his neck in addition to chain with the ball attaching itself to his ankles...All of
this suffocating marriage talk makes him vulnerable to the femine wiles of Erika (Jennifer Jayne). After
Erika seduces him, Eric finds himself at the receiving end of a blackmailing scheme with only one way
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Linda finds out what her hubby has
been looking at on the Internet.
"You get the point when I say you
are not going to cheat on me?"
Eric eyes the curvaceous Erika.
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90 minutes
Romantic Comedy