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I am happy to announce that Rescuing Rufus is now complete and available for purchase.

It is a change of pace for me...A romantic comedy. I don't think the cinematic world needs
me adding more vampires, demons, psychotic photographers, jealous husbands,  ghosts of
jealous husbands and any other bogeyman you can think of...I thought it was time to try
and do something playful and light hearted..

The plot?

Dumped by his impossible to please fiancee Lisa, Rufus embarks on a quest to find his true

What he finds is a gaggle of over sexed, over medicated, over perfumed and just plain
"over" women who are on him like hungry foxes on a chicken.

Will Rufus find someone to "rescue" him?
Rufus (Richard Poche) runs for his life.....
Glenda (Sara Konecky) eyes down Rufus over lunch.
Lorraine (Natalie Edwards) shows her
game face before a game of tennis.
Lorraine makes like Tiger Woods on the golf course.
Glenda gives a special "herbal mixture" for
Rufus to smoke...Just say "no" Rufus!
90 minutes
Romantic Comedy

Trailer for "Rescuing Rufus" from Richard Poche on Vimeo.

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