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90 minutes
Romantic Comedy
Gina has probably the most extensive
resume of anyone I’ve ever worked with.
Ironically, she obtained one of her early
credits here in the Bay Area when my
brother Cliff hired her to be one of the
hosts on his public access show “Chiller
Features.” During this time I was not into
film making at all and it was the furthest
thing from my mind. Flash forward a few
years later and I’ve now had the pleasure to
direct Gina myself.
I can say without exaggeration that Gina is one of the nicest people I’ve come across in the business. It
is no secret that the film industry is riddled with people who "have their own agendas" to put it mildly.
I can’t articulate how refreshing it is to meet someone who really enjoys acting for the sake of it.
Working with Gina was like getting back together with a long lost friend.  Everything was easy and
seamless. Sometimes you just have perfect working chemistry with someone and that was
immediately the case with Gina.

Again, Gina has an extensive resume and has appeared in numerous independent film productions in
the Los Angeles area. She is primarily known for her work in an on-going Star Trek fan film series on
the Internet.
“Amped.” We’ve worked on a handful of
projects since then and I consider her to be
my “go to” actor. The thing I most admire
about her is that she has an uber positive
"can do" personality. It is funny because I
most often film during my vacations and I
have to go from working with a go-getter
like her to being surrounded by "Eeyores"*
at my day job. A stark contrast indeed.
When I show her work to my family and friends they most often compare her to Sandra Bullock
We make a great team together and I’m always astonished at the amount of pages we can put in the
can with her during a typical day of shooting.

Stuart is also a formidable presence behind the camera as well as she has been a casting director for
numerous reality shows. She is also a host and emcee who recently hosted the  pre-carpet show for
the American Music Awards.
Like Stuart, Liz and I go back to 2004’s
“Amped.” Liz and I have worked on
numerous projects together and I’ve
watched her grow as an actress over
the past couple of years. She has been
in a few independent thrillers but her
true talent is without a doubt as a
comedienne. Liz has a comic talent that
simply cannot be taught.   
I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Liz finds work in a sit com series down the line as she would
most assuredly become a major star if her comedic talents are broadcast to a larger audience.

Liz steals every scene that she's in. Are you reading this Hollywood?
Jill was the sole newcomer to Poche
Pictures. Tall and lithe, Jill has done
extensive work as a print model. She
photographs very well and is quite a
capable and versatile actress. I asked her
to do quite a few different personas in
Rufus and she pulled off every scene
Jill  has a versatile range; she goes from being a shy and demure girl in a library to a high strung
Southern belle and then to a female impersonation of Napolean Dynamite. Jill has a dynamic range
and I can’t think of any role she wouldn’t be able to pull off with aplomb.
I hate using the word “sweetheart” to
describe someone's character because
it sounds so patronizing. So think of a
synonym to the word and that’s what
I’d use to describe Sara. She is, in a
word, the "coolest". Sara and I joined
forces earlier in the year for a short
called “The After Lifers”.
After we shot the "After Lifers" I invited her back to do "Rufus". Sara brings a sense of helplessness
to her crazy character in "Rufus" which really adds to the comedy.

Originally from Nebraska, Sara had the good fortune of landing a role in Tracey Ullmans’ State of
the Union as “Miley Cyrus."
Natalie is nuts.

In a good way.

We started working with her around
‘07 or ‘08 when we made a sci fi
short called “Edison City”. We then
joined forces again on “The After
Lifers” and now “Rufus”.
There is always a lot of LOUD laughter when working with Natalie because you never know what
she is going to say or do.

I can make a comedy from her outtakes alone and she is always a hoot to work with.

She specializes in off-kilter, crazy characters and her role in Rufus is no exception.
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