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       "Zoe Dies In The End" centers around Zoe, a certifiable zombie
movie fan if there ever was one. A firm believer in Haitian folklore stories
about the undead, she knows every detail of every zombie film ever
made down to the year produced to the cast to the director to the
budget and all things in between. So when a real zombie apocalypse
occurs, she does what every zombie fan in her shoes would do...she
reacts in sheer joy. Her friend comes over and is appalled at her attitude
but soon finds herself enlisting her expertise in 'how to kill zombie' as
they fight off the undead creatures that try and enter her home.
    "Zoe Dies In The End" is a horror/comedy entry that was originally
released on the "Long Live the Dead" anthology DVD.

"Long Live The Dead" featured five
zombie shorts; Dweezle, A Picture To
Die For, Black Bone Woods, Zoe Dies
In the End, and Here Lies Bud. All of
the shorts are now featured
exclusively at
Zombie shooter Zoe