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"Corazon" was a collaborative production and my first attempt at a documentary.
Eddy Velasquez and Christine Goulden of Canada and New York respectively
took their cameras to the amateur boxing ring.

Roberto "The Rock" Ortega is a middleweight fighting out of Kitchener,
Ontario, Canada. He is on the comeback trail after suffering a horrific industrial
injury. In this documentary are two of his bouts as he prepares the the World
Amateur Championships.
Roberto Ortega being check out by the
ringside physician before his big match.
Kristian "K-Smooth" Vasquez fights out of New York. He and his cousin
Jay are trying to become the first cousins to compete in the Finals at the same
time. Vasquez is a smooth boxing featherweight about ready to embark on a
professional career.
Ortega works the mitts with trainer Rick Cadilha
Vasquez preps for his quarterfinal Golden Glove
Ortega laces up for some
A last minute prayer before heading out to
Originally my plan was to have one huge boxing documentary on the state of
amateur boxing in America...As most hardcore fight fans know, the amateur
boxing programs are nowhere near as prevalent now as they were twenty
years ago. With the death of boxing club's circuit and a lack of television
exposure, amateur boxing is a marginal sport in the United States. Amateur
boxing has been dying a slow death since the early 1980s.

But as word spread about my efforts I was able to obtain professional
fighters willing to go on camera. I obtained so much footage that I the only
way I could do these fighters justice for time spent was to split the
documentary in half. The amateur version was called "Corazon", the
professional version was called
"The Fight Life.

So this was the first of what I hope will be many documentaries. I am a huge
fan of HBO's work on boxing documentaries. Their "Legendary Nights"
series and "24/7" are not only the best boxing documentaries I've ever seen
but among the best produced documentaries, period.

I am hoping to produce a documentary on Bobby Chacon in the near future.
Boxing is rife with rich history and I hope I can make a contribution to it by
bringing this stories to the screen again.

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