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Sammi (Stuart Brazell) and Rosa (Jade Tailor) are on the run from a vicious vampire cult.

With the metaphysical advertising of "life everlasting", Sammi and Rosa didn't know exactly what they were
getting into and want out....

The fearsome vampiress Rachel (Erika Smith), does not like deserters. She promises to track Sammi and Rosa
down like a bloodhound. She vows to make them pay...In blood.

Across town, four nursing students are gearing up for their weekly party night. Jodie (Elizabeth Di Prinzio) is a pill
popper trying to kick the habit but gets no sympathy from the Vodka swilling Carla (Jaimi Paige) who wants her
kicked out of the house. The diplomatic Katie (Sarah MacKay) and the compassionate Amy (Leesel Boulware) are
willing to give her a second chance until Jodie ups and disappears on them.

Their night of partying takes a detour as they go and look for Jodie...and instead find themselves in the middle of
a vampire battle royale.