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       "Dweezle" is a satirical take on the zombie genre. Taking place just
after a country-wide zombie outbreak has occurred,  the story centers
around two women, one of whom is the live-in girlfriend of a college
professor who has just returned from Africa for zombie research. Her
friend comes over and she performs an ancient dance rite which turns
her sleeping boyfriend in a member of the walking dead. The two women
are then trapped inside the house while, with their neighborhood
becomes a certifiable 'zombie city' and an undead college professor
looms inside.
    "Dweezle" was shot with a Panasonic HVX200A with a 25mm lens. It
was originally released on the "LONG LIVE THE DEAD" zombie anthology
"Long Live The Dead" featured five
zombie shorts; Dweezle, A Picture To
Die For, Black Bone Woods, Zoe Dies
In the End, and Here Lies Bud. All of
the shorts are now featured
exclusively at