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   "HellBent” is a fan film based on the Pinhead Hellraiser series. A few
years ago I had made a fan film based on John Carpenter's Halloween
series which became a hit on YouTube. This is a follow-up of sorts, as
Pinhead was the British boogeyman answer to America's Michael Myers
during the 1980s.
  Hellraiser caught my eye as a kid because it was different from the
slasher fare at the time. Slasher movies had fallen out of favor by 1987
and Hellraiser provided a breath of fresh air with the supernatural
creepiness of Pinhead. Frankly, I was never a big fan of the slasher genre
as a young horror fan. I could take a shooting but not a stabbing. My
preference for horror was limited to John Stanley's Creature Features
broadcasts in the San Francisco Bay Area. This meant I watched a lot of
the old Hammer Studio movies and Hellraiser seemed a direct
descendant of those movies, particularly the ones with demonic
   My late uncle Ben got me hooked on Creatures Features when I was a
kid. It was a big deal to stay up late to watch the horror movies deemed
“too scary” for prime time television. Hellraiser was one of my uncle
Ben's favorite movies so in a way this is also an homage to him.
   “That was delicious,” I remember him saying after we watched it for
the first time.         
    I've never read the story on which Hellraiser is based although I've
watched all the movies.  I did read “The Damnation Game” by Clive
Barker. That remains one of the better horror novels on the 1980s that
I've read.
    The short we produced is in line with the Hellraiser/Clive Barker
ethos. What I wanted was a kind of hybrid supernatural horror/film noir
  The plot centers around three prostitutes, all of whom have fallen on
hard times.
   Cindy, however, gets hold of a Lamarchand box. The box provides
her and her clients with unspeakable pleasures. Word soon gets out that
Cindy can provide the hottest sex in town. Her two prostitute girlfriends
get curious then jealous, plotting to steal away the box. The box
changes hands numerous times with the adage 'a luxury once tasted
becomes a necessity.' Once the girls taste the pleasure the box can
provide, they absolutely have to have it.
  Until Pinhead arrives....
  So instead of having the same film noir fare of people fighting or
scheming over money this is a plot which has the characters trying to
steal the Lamarchand box. Each of the women have different motivations
just as they have different reasons why they all got into prostitution.
They each see something to gain in the possession of the box and are
all willing to pay the ultimate price in order to achieve their ends. And like
an old school film noir, sex and greed ultimately lead the protagonists
down a dark path of murder and self-destruction.