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Adding to our growing list of occult movies is this Ouija thriller..."The
Fright Club" is exactly that, a club of three women who decide to forgo
the weekend parties at their college in order to perform some occult
ritiuals. Cassie is the resident cult expert as she takes out the tarot
cards and oujia board from the closet. Brie, a born again Christian, wants
nothing to do with their games as her two friends begin dabbling in what
she believes is a Satanic rite. Soon one of the women begins displaying
symptoms of demonic possession as they conjure up a spirit that is even
more real than they imagined.

"The Fright Club" is a bit of a full-circle move for me as I started my
career directing a short that centered around a Ouija board ("Oracle").
The movie was shot on a HVX200A.