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The Ghost of Randall Bowers is one of those projects
that has a special place in my heart. Why? Because it
is the last of my movies that my father was able to
see before he died. My Dad was always supportive of
my efforts and would often give his feedback after I
screened the latest offering. His reaction to this one
was to repeatedly ask "Who the hell is Randall

The short film centers around two self-styled ghost
hunters who turn their paranormal podcast into a
YouTube channel where they document the nightly
goings-on at their home...which is where serial killer
Randall Bowers killed his victims and later himself.
The entire thing is a ruse as the vloggers tell the
viewers about the different things that have gone in
the house...they talk about the 'paranormal games'
Randall plays with them as they disclose their
experience strange noises, cold air, and nasty
messages written in blood...It is all in fun until one
night the real ghost of Randall Bowers decides to
make a cameo in one of their paranormal shows.   

The movie was made at the height of all of
phenomenon surrounding the Paranormal Activity
movies. Making supernatural horror, however, is
something that I've begun to specialize in as it seems
to be what the audience wants, even more so than
the vampire movies if my Google analytics are any