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THE VAMPIRE WITHIN  is available
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  “The Vampire Within” offers a different take in the vampire movie genre.
Rather than have the vampire roam around and seduce its potential victims,
the vampire here instead coerces someone to bring more victims to her. The
idea here was to present the vampire as a different breed altogether, a
hybrid succubus/incubus with its own specific types of weaknesses.

 The story centers around Alice who tells everyone she meets about Sarah,
a vampire girl that gives her the marching orders to do all of these evil
things. No one in the troubled Alice's circle believes her and all of the social
workers assigned to her try to tell her that Sarah is a myth, a figment of her
own imagination. Frustrated, Alice soon allows all those who doubt her to
find out the truth for themselves...succubus  come in many names and this
one is called Sarah.

 “The Vampire Within” was shot on a Panasonic HVX200A with a Nikon
50mm lens.

WATCH "the vampire within"