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Cliff Poche as WESLEY
Emilie Germaine as KALI
Natalie Edwards as TANNI

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17 minut

Wesley Chase (Cliff Poche) is a lonely man. Stuck in an unhappy marriage to Tanni (Natalie Edwards),
Wesley's love life is going nowhere.

Housebound because of his severe asthma, Wesley shrinks into the role of the brow-beaten house
husband. But when Tanni leaves on a business trip, Wesley's friend comes over and tells him about the
"pig wraps."

The "pig wraps" are the female androids of the day. At the urging of his friend and his own lonely
curiosity, Wesley picks up the phone and rents a female robot for the weekend.

Kali (Emilie Germaine) arrives and Wesley is smitten. She is even more real than he imagined. "It's not
cheating if the skin isn't real," Wesley's friend assures him...Soon Wesley has to choose, between his
loveless, *real* marriage and his real love for a *fake* woman.
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Wesley (Cliff Poche) and Kali (Emilie Germaine)
enjoy a day at the beach.

This was my second go around at a sci-fi flick. The first was the short, Psycho-Somatic. Now doing a
believable futuristic science fiction flick is definitely tougher to pull off (in general) than a talkie romantic
comedy or a horror movie. The entire believability of the story hinges on the production design and
ambience. I am probably stating the obvious but having a low budget is definitely tougher to pull off in
the science fiction realm than any other genre.

Which is what makes it more of a challenge. We had to make things look like they could be taking
place in the future. The story itself did prompt some interesting discussions between me and the cast
members. What exactly will the future hold? Advanced video phones? Already here. Robots with
artificial intelligence? Here. Space cars? No frickin' way. And this point we argued for awhile (it is how
we pass the time between takes). I took the position that even if they do invent "space cars" it will be
something that will be highly regulated. Can you imagine some drunk behind the wheel of a flying
saucer going crashing into a ten story apartment building. There would be no more DUIs, instead there
would be FUIs (flying under the influence).

Wouldn't happen.

But...I do believe that technology will alter the way men and women relate significantly and Edison City
addresses some of these issues.

I should say that the end result of Edison City really isn't the original vision I had in mind when I first
received the screenplay from my screenwriter friend Daniel J.W. Hughes. In the original casting,
Anderson of "Conjure") was pegged to play "Kali" but we never got things together. In stepped Emilie
Germaine and she pulls the role off quite well. I had to alter the script to more suit her personality type
and acting style as in the original script the character was much more sexually suggestive.

So, the final product ended up being different than what I had originally planned. Not better or worse,
just different. And things worked out.
(TOP LEFT) Tanni (Natalie Edwards) comes home
ahem, doesn't look to happy with her husband.

(BOTTOM LEFT) Kali (Emilie Germaine), a sweet
loving female android that happily cooks, cleans, and
provides other "needs" for her man. Wesley has to
make a choice....
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90 minutes
Romantic Comedy