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Genre: Horror

Cliff Poche
Lisa: Alexandra Ackerman
Brad: Joe Costales
1st Girl: Nadia Gillespie
2nd Girl: Tamara Knausz
Directed by: Richard Poche
Written by: Michael Anthony Lee

Hey, you have to start somewhere, right?

ORACLE was my first *completed* project. Prior to this I was working on an aborted horror flick
"The Cool Dark." I had met two of the actresses featured in this short during the shooting of "The
Cool Dark" and asked them to come on board for this project.

It was shot on Hi-8 video which back then was relatively new.

The plot is painfully simple: Four college students get together and tool around with a Oujia board.
The *negative* person in the room becomes possessed by the spirit in the board and goes postal on
everyone else.

Bet you didn't see that coming :)

Nontheless, it was a fun flick to shoot and watch
Lisa (Alexandra Ackerman)
plays  solitaire while waiting
for the new guests to arrive.
Lisa teases Charles (Cliff
Poche) on his
belief in Oujia boards.
Charles pontificates on the
differences between a oujia
board and an "oracle."
Rachel contemplates the strange
All hands on the ancient Milton
Bradley's Oujia board.
Brad (Joe Costales) shows what
can happen if you
mix Tequila, marijuana and a
demonic ritual together.
90 minutes
Romantic Comedy